Prevent Locking Yourself Out with these 5 Easy Habits!

Whether it’s your car, truck, house, or camper, locking yourself out can lead to hours of stress and leave you missing out on your plans. It’s an inevitability with most people – that’s why locksmiths exist, and our customers love us! But before you go and have a bad day, try to work these 5 simple habits into your daily routine. It might save you in the long run.

  1. Locate your keys before you lock the door.  Before you close that locked door, get in the habit of finding your keys. Most people realize they’ve left their keys inside right after closing a locked door behind them. 

  2. Use unique keychains to make your keys instantly eye-catching.  What’s on your keychain can make or break those moments when your keys have fallen out of your pocket or your purse while in the car. If you use flashy, unique, or distinctive keychain accessories, you can make your keychain instantly recognizable, instead of blending in with your vehicle’s upholstery.

  3. Keep a spare somewhere only you know – or in something only you can access.  Gone are the days of sticking your house key under your welcome mat and thinking you’re safe. Some people use little key boxes that look like rocks and stick them in their landscaping, or magnetic boxes which can be hidden under mailboxes or vehicles. Today, there are hi-tech options that open only with a Bluetooth signal from your phone. These are worthy investments if you’ve had to call us a time or two!

  4. Designate one pocket in your pants or jeans ONLY for keys.  This tip may not work for everyone, but if you can build the habit of keeping your keys in the same place, you’ll instantly know where to find them before you close the door behind you. No more digging around the bottom of your purse or patting every single pocket on your pants!

  5. Make an extra spare and give to someone you trust.  This is the best long-term solution to future lockouts. Spare vehicle keys can be expensive, but purchasing one on your own time, without the stress of being locked out of your vehicle is a much different experience than having to call a locksmith in an emergency.
We’ll always be there when you call. On bad days and good, if you need a locksmith, call Lock Around The Clock. We’re ready to serve you throughout the Albuquerque-Santa Fe metro area and beyond.